Bartolini Air is a certified air operator meeting the highest safety standards and compliant with the requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

The AOC certificate and the Passenger Flight License confirm that the company has been positively verified by the Civil Aviation Authority, complying with the highest safety standards and owns the necessary equipment, crew, and expertise to provide professional air transport services.

Experience Poland’s largest aviation training centre

Operating since 2006, the Bartolini Air training centre educates over 200 pilots annually. Every year students carry out over 36,000 flights, and after graduation, they work for the largest international airlines, which appreciate the level and standards of the school. The pilots of Bartolini Air’s on demand flights are, most of all, existing and former instructors of the training centre. And being a teacher always means that a bar is set higher than in the case of a regular professional pilot – it requires maintaining not only exceptional practical skills, but also theoretical knowledge.

Modern twin-engine aircraft

Bartolini Air is introducing a completely new standard of safety into its short-distance domestic charter flights. Each of the modern Tecnam P2006T aircraft is equipped with two reliable engines and the latest avionics allowing for flights in difficult weather conditions (glass cockpit Garmin G950). At the same time, the landing gear design and performance of the machine allow them to land on local grass airstrips. And meanwhile, our international flights are operated with the use of twin-engine jet aircraft from the world’s most renowned manufacturers, such as Cessna, Bombardier and Embraer.

Our certificates:

AOC PL -065 

Certificate Part-145: PL.145.084

Certificate CAMO: PL.MG.527


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