About the Ryanair Mentored Programme

Bartolini Air and Ryanair have formed a partnership in order to train pilots according to Ryanair standards and procedures to the level required to join the airline as first officers.

From zero to airline-ready in 18 to 21 months

Based on Ryanair industry leading Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and operational philosophy

Exclusive access to fast track recruitment at Ryanair

Available for candidates with or without previous flight experience

Why Bartolini Air

Bartolini Air is one of Europe’s most renowned flight training centres and it has been chosen by Ryanair to become an approved training partner. At Bartolini Air students fly modern, brand new aircraft at an international airport with an instrument runway. The full ab initio programme costs only EUR 65 000 and you save even more thanks to the very low costs of living in Poland (EU and Schengen Zone member).

Brand new, glass cockpit Tecnam aircraft

Only EUR 65 000 for the full programme

Inexpensive, friendly
EU country

Why Ryanair?

Ryanair Holdings PLC is Europe’s largest airline group. It carries over 154 million passengers every year on more than 2,400 daily flights from over 80 bases. Ryanair has an industry leading safety record and is famous for some of the world’s highest pilot training standards.

Competitive salaries

Fastest track to a command upgrade –
3 to 4 years

Best and predictable
duty roster:
5 days on, 4 days off


Integrated Ryanair Mentored Programme – Ab Initio

The Ryanair Mentored Programme – Ab initio is designed for candidates with no previous flight experience who want to become airline pilots within the shortest possible timeframe. The Ryanair Mentored Programme gives you a structured path to achieve your commercial pilot licence and reach the level of competence required to join the Ryanair Boeing 737 type-rating course.

Ryanair Mentored Programme – Modular

Candidates who have previous flight experience can also join the Ryanair Mentored Programme and complete only its more advanced modules. The course can be joined at very specific points called gateways.

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