About the Company

Bartolini Air is a group of EASA-certified aviation companies offering flight training, private jet charter and management, aircraft sales and maintenance. We are the largest pilot training centre in Central Europe and the Polish representative of Tecnam and TBM (Daher Socata) aircraft manufacturers. Our headquarters is located at Łódź International Airport (EPLL) in central Poland.

Certified by EASA

Managed by active jet pilots and instructors

Modern fleet

Highest standards

Why us?

Top people

Bartolini Air is run by active jet pilots, flight instructors and examiners. We are always fully up to speed when it comes to the latest regulations and newest approaches to aviation safety management and crew training. We hire the best instructors, technicians, and pilots. Then train each single one of them to the highest Bartolini Air standards.

The highest standards

We are officially certified as a training organization, air carrier, maintenance facility and continuing airworthiness management organization. We comply with the strict requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), but we expect far more from ourselves than the authorities. Every day we strive for excellence – in terms of knowledge, skills, flight safety, and your satisfaction with our services.

Modern infrastructure

Our headquarters are located at Łódź International Airport – a modern commercial aerodrome in the geographical center of Europe equipped with instrument approaches, new hangars and terminals. It is a perfect location for our business aviation, training, and maintenance base.

We are proud to work closely with both Tecnam and Daher in providing modern aircraft and maintenance solutions, ensuring that we keep up with technology in order to always provide the best possible service.

Bartłomiej Walas

has over a dozen years of experience as a pilot, instructor, flight examiner and commander of commercial jets. He is the founder, shareholder, and President of Bartolini Air Group. He holds an MBA degree in international business management and has significant experience as a senior executive in the FMCG sector. As an engineer specializing in turbine engines, he is responsible for technical and safety issues across the Group. He also still works actively as a flight instructor for the instrument and multi-engine ratings and he is the captain of a Bartolini Air operated Cessna Citation jet.

Adam Stawczyk

is a pilot, flight instructor and examiner, business jet captain and co-founder and shareholder of Bartolini Air. Adam is a recognized expert in aviation regulations. He gained his first flying experience in Canada in the 1990s. As an instructor he has trained hundreds of successful airline pilots and he is probably the most experienced Tecnam P2006T pilot in the world. His former students are not only first officers and captains in the best airlines, but many of them have become type rating instructors or even fleet heads. With a master’s degree in mechatronics, he supervises all IT of the Group. He is also in charge of Air Operations and Training Programs.

Our team

Bartolini Air’s management team combines knowledge and experience in business, piloting, and aviation training. The company’s greatest driving force is its passion – a passion not only for aviation, but also for knowledge, professionalism, and business excellence. All members of the Management Board are active pilots of jet planes. Their competence is confirmed by years of work in the industry and thousands of hours spent in the air.

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