About the Training Center

Bartolini Air is the largest pilot training centre in Central Europe. We specialize in basic professional training – our students usually start from scratch and finish with an EASA frozen ATPL, which enables them to become first officers in European airlines. Apart from the school Bartolini Air group comprises an executive charter operator (a certified air carrier), a maintenance facility for piston and jet planes and an official dealership for Tecnam and Socata aircraft.

Founded in 2006




Why us?

Professional approach

We focus on solid practical knowledge and quality rather than quantity. From the very first day in a single engine piston we teach pilots a professional airline approach – our students follow standard operating procedures and complete checklists. The clear goal is for every graduate to be fully ready for the right seat of an Airbus or Boeing.

Modern fleet

We use a fleet of new and modern Tecnam aircraft, all of them equipped with an Electronic Flight Instrument System, which from day one makes our students accustomed with modern avionics used in large jets. For the final Jet Orientation and Multi-Crew Cooperation courses we use fixed-base simulators based on Airbus A320 – one of the world’s most popular airliners. Everything is designed to meet the ultimate goal – make every graduate ready for the right seat of a transport category aircraft.

Passion and competence

We started as a tiny flight school in 2006. We are now the largest aviation training organization in this part of Europe. It wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t love what we are doing and if we weren’t good at it. But we want to keep learning and getting even better – at flying, at instructing and at running the organization and the training process for our students.

Bartłomiej Walas

Bartłomiej Walas is a pilot with over a dozen years of experience as an instructor and commander of commercial jet planes. He is the founder, shareholder, and President of the Bartolini Air Group. He holds an MBA degree in international business management. For many years he ran the Polish branch of a major French food company but he left the big business to set up Bartolini Air and fly! Bartek is an EASA-certified class rating (single and multi-engine piston aircraft) and instrument rating examiner. He still works as a flight and groundschool instructor at Bartolini Air.

Adam Stawczyk

Adam Stawczyk is a pilot instructor and certified national examiner (for single-engine and multi-engine piston aircraft classes and the instrument rating), co-founder and shareholder of Bartolini Air, and expert in aviation regulations. He gained his first flying experiences in Canada in the previous century, he has travelled around various continents and crossed the Atlantic by plane. He is also the commander of a Cessna Citation business jet and the Director of Air Operations at Bartolini Air.

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