close up of the throttles of the BAS 320 simulator

Bartolini Air integrated flight training program is now certified with KSA100, APS MCC, and, starting December 20th 2019, UPRT. The company is now able to offer a full training solution delivering the latest requirements by the industry and EASA.

From now on student pilots, attending Bartolini Air flight school will have to prepare themselves for completely new challenges. One of them will be the all-new UPTR – Upset Prevention and Recovery Training. It is a module created by EASA to ensure airline pilots are trained on how to recover from dangerous situations. Students in Bartolini Air will have to pass rigorous theoretical knowledge tests and fly on an aerobatic plane to really understand the physics and actions behind recovering an airplane from an upset situation.

Another new certified training that Bartolini Air has to offer is APS-MCC – Airline Pilot Standard Multi-Crew Cooperation. This course teaches students how to cooperate with another pilot when flying a plane that requires more than one pilot at a time. It also includes the Airline Pilot Standards course. During this training future pilots will learn the ins and outs of airline flying. The course will prepare them as if it was a real flight and ensure that when the time comes, nothing catches them by surprise. Statistics show that when applying for an airline job, students that have completed an APS MCC have a considerably higher chance of securing that job versus students that have completed only the regular MCC.

And finally, the newest addition to the ATPL catalogue – KSA 100. As representatives of Bartolini Air say – this one is for the pilots who strive for perfection. KSA 100 is an advanced training tool, which tests prospective pilots for the traits needed for a successful career in aviation and prepares them to succeed. Bartolini Air implemented EASA recommendations to the letter in order to give the students the best KSA 100 experience possible.

The first group of Bartolini Air cadets participating in the Ryanair Mentored Programme will already be trained according to these new requirements. All participants can expect to be taught with the most recent techniques and up to the highest and newest standards set by EASA. The aim is to fully prepare cadets for an airline job.

Bartolini Air is the first in Poland and one of the very first in Europe to achieve certification of KSA100 and APS MCC. This success confirms the company’s leading position among other ATO’s in the country and on the whole continent. In the nearest future, Bartolini Air wants to adapt these training methods also to the modular packages

Adam Stawczyk, Head of Training at Bartolini Air said: “I am very happy to see this program approved, this was the culmination of many weeks of hard work and looking at the final product of all that work is truly a beautiful sight. We are delighted to once again be at the leading edge of regulation and to manage to be up to date on all the challenging new programs EASA has mandated. We are now working hard on finishing the modular UPRT and modular APS MCC so that we can soon offer those programs as well.”

Izabela Konopińska, CEO of Bartolini Air said: “Once again the team at Bartolini Air has proven why we are so highly regarded in the aviation training market. We have demonstrated our ability to get challenging programs approved ahead of schedule and to be fully ready, and with time to spare before regulations become effective. I am very proud of everyone that worked on these programs and their monumental achievement of being the first in Poland! This will give our current and future students an even better preparation for their future careers as airline pilots by ensuring they get the best possible training.”

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