What is the expected time for a regular maintenance check for Tecnam aircraft?

For the P2008JC and P2002JF aircraft, the duration of the maintenance tasks is:

  • 50h check – 2 hours
  • 100h check – two working days
  • 200h check – three working days

For the P2006T aircraft, the duration of the maintenance tasks is

  • 50h check – 3 hours
  • 100h check – three working days
  • 200h check – four working days

It is however important to consider that the duration may change if there are any findings during the checks. The final duration depends of the complexity of the findings and the time needed to fix them.

Where can you do the regular maintenance checks of my aircraft?

Most of the regular maintenance checks should be accomplished at our maintenance center in Lodz (EPLL). In exceptional cases such maintenance can be performed at a different location. It is then important to bear in mind that the any extra travel and accommodation costs of our engineers will be added to the final invoice. The same rule applies when it comes to fixing a broken aircraft if it cannot fly to our location.

What should I do to schedule an appointment for my aircraft?

Your appointment may be scheduled by phone or by email at your discretion (contact us). For the maintenance to be done in time, the request should be notified at least three days in advance (in summertime, this lead time should be slightly longer). Your appointment request should include the day, ETA and departure aerodrome as we have to notify the airport authorities of your arrival. It is also essential to let us know in case of delays or cancellations as failing to do so may lead to additional airport fees.

What should I expect in term of airport fees?

The airport fees are limited to landing fees only. The landing fee is of 90 PLN (c.a. 20 EUR) for aircraft of an MTOW not exceeding 2000 kg. No handlings fees will be required, unless you order such services specifically. The airport fees will be added to your maintenance bill.

Can I supply or collect my aircraft outside of the maintenance facility working hours?

Yes, that is possible however please inform us in advance.

Can I purchase fuel from your facility?

Unfortunately, due to legal requirements we are not allowed to sell fuel. However, there is an aviation fuel station at the airport where you can purchase both Avgas 100LL and Jet A1 fuels.

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