How do I order a flight?

You can call us, send us an email, or use the special form on our website to quickly rate and order your flight – just tell us about the planned route, how many passengers you plan to travel with, and in the case of return flights, the time you want to spend at the location.

How much time in advance do I need to plan my trip?

You can plan your trip practically anytime. Bartolini Air is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If an aircraft is not currently in flight for other customers, it will be ready to take off for you within 2 hours of your order.

How long does it take and what is the check-in process at the airport?

For your convenience, the captain of the plane always waits for you in front of the entrance to the terminal or the airport and personally takes you to the plane. Even at larger airports, where security checks are required, check-in takes no more than 5 minutes, so you only need to be at the airport a quarter of an hour before the planned take off.

Is it safe to travel with Bartolini Air?

Bartolini Air is a certified air operator meeting the highest safety standards in the world and is compliant with the requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The jets we use are the proven machines of renowned American brands, which are the world’s standard for private travel. Piston planes in the Bartolini Air fleet – designed for short journeys in Poland – are very modern Tecnam high-wing monoplanes, equipped with two engines (which significantly increases the level of flight safety) and the latest avionics equipment from Garmin. Bartolini Air pilots are the existing and former instructors of the training centre, which is a guarantee of their skills, theoretical knowledge, and excellent familiarity with aviation regulations. The combination of experience, knowledge, and modern technology with the common professional reliability – the hallmark of Bartolini Air – makes you feel really safe on board of our aircraft.

Do private planes fly in any weather, even in winter?

Private flights are available all year round, also after dusk and in winter. However, weather conditions may dictate that a specific aircraft lands at an airport other than the one originally planned, with adequate lighting and navigation equipment. Just as with ordinary airlines, exceptionally bad weather may also make a flight impossible to be effected on time for safety reasons. Weather conditions and airport equipment and condition are always analysed by Bartolini Air Operations and the flight captain prior to flight and you are always kept informed of the possible impact of weather on your flight plan.

How much does it cost to fly on a private piston aircraft?

If the plane flies a group of three passengers, then, depending on the chosen destination in Poland, the cost of travel is from PLN 2 to 3 thousand per person for one way trip and from PLN 3 to 4.5 thousand per person if you fly both ways and want to stay at the place for 2-3 days.

How much does it cost to fly a private jet?

Depending on the chosen direction – PLN 6-9 thousand for a return flight, with the group of six passengers.

Where can Bartolini Air take me from and where can it land?

Bartolini airplanes act as taxis, so they can take you from any airport you choose or from any landing site where they can land safely and according to legal regulations. Our piston planes need an airport or a landing site with a length of about 600 meters, and there are as many as 80 of them in Poland A business jet requires a hardened runway with a length of about 1,500 meters and appropriate infrastructure – there are about 20 such runways in Poland, but almost a thousand in Europe! Tell us where you want to go, and we will choose the most convenient airport for you. If necessary, we can also arrange pre- and post-flight transportation by road.

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