Maciek Junka started his training for the Private Pilot Licence in 2007, but his labyrinth did not tolerate turbulence well, so he quit the course and started a career in business. Still, he couldn’t imagine himself tied to an office chair for the next few decades… And luckily so, because Maciek proved to be one of the most talented and complete pilots we have ever met – composed, calm, accurate, procedural, very strong at manual flying, and above all incredibly likable. Today he is the Chief Flight Instructor at Bartolini Air, an EASA Flight Examiner and he has just passed his line check as a Direct Entry Captain at Ryanair. Maciek has significant experience in the Boeing 737 (he flew for Lot Polish Airlines for over 6 years) but becoming a direct entry captain at Ryanair with its strict procedures, the world’s highest training standards and the 25-minute rotation is demanding as hell. Maciek’s line training was cut 18 sectors short though, because he was ready. This speaks for itself. Maciek, you make us unbelievably proud. And the Ryanair Mentored Programme at Bartolini Air has its own, rightful mentor now!

Bartolini Air Chief Flight Instructor, Maciej Junka, after his successful line check as direct entry Captain at Ryanair.
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