Integrated training has been designed for people with no aviation experience who want to become professional pilots within the shortest possible timeframe. After 18 months the student receives a so called frozen Air Transport Pilot Licence issued according to EASA standards. This entitles him to apply directly for the position of a First Officer in any airline in Europe.


ATPL(A) ab-initio training

The ATPL(A) ab-initio course (also called integrated training) is designed for students starting from scratch with a clear objective of becoming airline pilots. At the end of the course you are ready to be employed as an airline pilot.

Unlike modular, the Ab-initio integrated training is done as a single training programme where students are required to have full availability. Integrated training can be compared to a bachelor degree, where a student starts with zero experience and a high-school level education and by the time the course is finished the student is ready to work in the field.

In order to join the program applicants will have to pass an assessment at Bartolini Air, this assessment is split into 3 phases, these phases are designed to ensure that passing candidates will have a maximum chance of being successful in training. Upon successful completion of all 3 phases candidates will be offered a place in the programme.

At Bartolini Air the integrated training consists of 880 hours of classroom theory delivered by our team of highly skilled instructors, aviation experts, and aircraft engineers over a period of approximately 9 months. This team brings their combined knowledge to bear in order to prepare students as best as possible not only to pass the ATPL theory examinations, but also to prepare them for the realities of aviation training, and later, a flying career.

After the ATPL examinations have been passed, the practical stage starts, this stage is split into 6 phases with increasing complexity between them. Stage 1 will focus on preparing students for the basics of flight, teaching them the foundation skills needed to fly using a single engine aeroplane. While later, stage 6 will prepare students on jet flying techniques in multi pilot environments using a true airliner simulator with all the systems and functions. In between students will learn everything there is to know in order to become a successful pilot in a competitive industry, from multi engine flying to Instrument only flying and much more.

Our team of experienced instructors teaches using all new Tecnam aircraft, all equipped with glass cockpits and the latest equipment. We believe that the only way to train quality pilots is to train them from day one using only the best tools available. Both by using airplanes not older than 5 years, with all the latest avionics and systems, and by having quality instructors that are truly familiar with the procedures being taught.

The 6 stages of practical training will total 230 hours of flight time, and will take approximately 12 months.

Upon completion of the Integrated program at Bartolini Air a student will have a Commercial pilot license with a Multi-Engine and Instrument ratings, as well as a completed Airline Pilot Standard Multi Crew Cooperation course (APS-MCC) and advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT – a new requirement from January 2020). This means that the student will be fully ready to apply to airline jobs upon completion of our Integrated training programme.

The ab-initio ATPL(A) integrated training requirements are similar to those for a commercial pilot licence:

  • A minimum of 18 years of age
  • Able to obtain an EASA class 1 medical
  • Able to demonstrate successful completion of secondary or high school education (or equivalent).
  • Able to produce a criminal record check (CRC) basic disclosure certificate
  • A good level of English proficiency
  • Have successfully completed an aptitude assessment with Bartolini Air

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